Want to Stay Stress-Free During Travel? Here are 5 Ways!

1)   Bring Carry-on Luggage

One of the underlying stressors that come up when we travel is not being able to control the overhead bin space. Specifically, if you were a light champion packer and chose not to check in your baggage. Many people assume the overhead luggage compartments will be full by the time they have boarded, but you shouldn’t avoid looking for space. When boarding, scan the compartments as you’re walking in for space. Sometimes it’s easier to store your bag further from your seat so you can just grab it and de-board. Try to bring bags that are softer and easier to fit into tight spaces. In case, you cannot claim a free space however, be sure to pack all of your personal belongings and items that you will need at hand in a bag that will remain with you in your seat.


2)   Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Many people tend to get sick on their trips. It’s not quite hard to see why this is so likely considering the small space proximity that you are challenged with during traveling and commuting. Avoid the possibility of a ruined vacation by getting sick and making sure to stay hydrated. Also, get rest and wash-wash-wash your hands! Keep the germs away and be sure to pack wipes and antibacterial spray to keep contagions at bay. While enjoying your vacation, keep up all of the same great habits just suggested, and with this, you are helping to ensure your optimum health while having fun and making some great memories!


3)   Check in Online

An excellent way to save time upon your arrival at the airport is to check in online. Airlines allow you to check in 24 hours in advance and by doing this through the airlines app (another tip), you’ll be able to receive first-hand alerts on flight and gate changes as well. Make things less stressful by avoiding the check-out lines, pre-printing your boarding passes and heading straight to the security lines. This is guaranteed to save you some valuable time.


4)   Create a TLC Package

This is such a good idea! When packing, be sure also to pack a TLC package for yourself. This is a kit that should include everything you would possibly need to grab quickly and easily while in flight. Everyone knows if you’re flying coach, you’re most likely going to be crammed for space. Avoid digging through your carry on while trying to take as little space as possible. Pack things like lotion, money, ID cards, headphones and anything and everything you will need quickly at a moment’s notice. You will love yourself later for giving yourself this extra TLC!


5)   Drink Lots of Water

Air travel makes it even more important to get all of your H2o in. Flying can tend to make you feel dehydrated due especially to the changes in altitude and the low moisture levels. Your skin and body will likely feel dehydrated. If not properly hydrated, this can get you sluggish and grumpy. Make sure to drink plenty of water pre and post flight and as tempting as it may be to drink other beverage choices instead; you’ll refreshed and hydrated self will thank you later for choosing water!


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